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It is the policy of the Aromatic Chemicals Company of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc. to regard all information provided by you in your correspondence, inquiries orders or other communications as confidential and we will in no event disclose the same either publicly or to third parties for commercial or any other purposes without your prior written consent except as may be required by law.

It is our policy to treat information provided to us by our customers, suppliers and partners with care and to maintain it in such a way that inadvertent disclosure does not occur.

We reserve the right to make use of public information which did not become public through any fault of our own, but it will always be our policy to use or refrain from using such information in a way that takes into consideration the needs and sensitivities of our value customers.

Aromatic Chemicals Company of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc does not at this time maintain customer, supplier or partner information in database, list or similar form.