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MGC enjoys a worldwide reputation as an innovative producer of a variety of unique chemicals and materials. Its commitment is demonstrated by its continuing stream of new products.

Product Line-Up

MAXIVE®- Gas Barrier Adhesive Resin -


Maxive® is a newly developed advanced epoxy resin derived from combining Poly Epoxy and Polyamine Resins. When used as a coating, Maxive® provides exceptional gas barrier and anti-corrosive properties to various substrates, including plastics, steel and other metals. As a film adhesive, Maxive® gives excellent clarity, gas barrier and adhesive properties.
Neopulim®- Transparent Polyimide Resin -


Neopulim® is a solvent-soluble transparent polyimide resin. Because imidization is already completed, only solvent volatilization is required. We offer 3 grades: The "S series" is our standard grade featuring excellent transparency and high heat-resistance. The "H series" has excellent optical characteristics and ultra-high heat resistance while the "R series" has high refractive index.


TMSA (trimesic acid) is a raw material commonly used in niche applications such as resin additives, pharmaceutical intermediates and agricultural chemical intermediates.



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